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GIS Portfolio

Below is a portfolio of maps and other data visualization products
I have produced through coursework or personal projects.

Los Angeles County Reference Map

Reference Map

Reference map of Los Angeles County. Layers include hillshade, major roads, major cities (with populations greater than 125,000 people), lakes, and national forests. Created in ArcGIS Pro.

Los Angeles County Air Pollution

Graduated Symbol Map

Graduated symbol map of Toxics Release Inventory in Los Angeles County. Total air emissions consist of the sum of fugitive and stack air emissions; data from 2020. Created in ArcGIS Pro.

Choropleth map of percent Asian population by census tract. Data from 2019. Created in ArcGIS Pro.

Bivariate choropleth map of % Asian population by census tract and total air pollution. Population data (2019); air pollution data (2020). Created in ArcGIS Pro.

Los Angeles County Asian Population

Choropleth Map

Los Angeles County Bivariate Map of Asian Population and Air Pollution

Bivariate Map

Tableau Public: Los Angeles County

Interactive visualization of Los Angeles County Asian population % per census tract and total air pollution.


Colorado River Basin

Map of Colorado River Basin created for Planet Women's Colorado River Basin Overflight Project.

Google Satellite imagery of Abaiang atoll, Republic of Kiribati (2020).
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