Alice Chapman

Geosciences PhD candidate

Passionate about visualizing and communicating data in a beautiful, understandable way


PhD Dissertation

Learn more about the individual projects that constitute my PhD dissertation:

“Reconstructing Pacific Trade-wind Variability: Assessing and Extending the Novel Coral Mn/Ca Proxy":

Mineralogical Insights into Coral Trace Element Incorporation and Stress Response

Lagoon Morphology: A Key Component of the Coral Mn/Ca-based Trade-wind Proxy

Tracking Westerly Wind Events via Observed, Modeled, and Reconstructed Wind Records

A Mechanistic Investigation of the Coral Mn/Ca-based Trade-wind Proxy at Kiritimati

GIS Portfolio

Learn more about the different types of maps I have produced as part of my GIS coursework:



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Photograph taken by Diane Thompson.